What We can offer

B2B / B2C
Logistic Management to redirectors
Logistic Management and interface to retail chains
Logistic Management and interface to Market Places plataform
Customs Consultancy and support to entrepreneur
Auxiliary services

Business may change, and be reinvented and transformed, so PHX is always updated with the new market demands. The vertiginous rhythm of the virtual transactions growth, is continuously demanding more from the logistic transportation system, and with more than 13 years of experience in the road and air logistic, We decided to present our services to the E-commerce segment.

As We have an integrated and modern sytem , We can assist small, medium-sized and large companies. And to guarantee a fast movement and gain of time between the clients and suppliers, all the materials are accurately prepared to be shipped to the destination.

As We obey all the local legislation rules, We offer a fast clearance process, with quality guarantee, competitive prices on the domestic shipments as well as on the international deliveries.