International Express Shipment

Intenational Express Shipment

If your business needs agility and simplified solutions,  this service is the perfect  for you .  We undertake since  the shipment pickup moment until the delivery to the consignee. 

Our company offers a total support to all the logistic process  steps for express shipments (Courier),  and importation and exportation. The previous process knowledge,  the expertise in the  preparation  of the delivery shipping that follows the  Brazilians Customs rules,  constant updates regarding the local legislation, guarantees much more agility on deadlines and shipments clearance.


  • Duties Advance
  • DDU collection  and address correction and/or TAX ID number
  • Support for shippers,  senders,   consignees regarding  all the legal documentation necessary  documentation for the customs clearance on the exportation and importation process,  documents checking and until the goods be delivered to the consignees.


Most of the exporters that  try to get in  the brazilian market  stop their operations because they do not understand the legislation and the  Brazilians Customs rules Police clearance process,  and these understanding are fundamental to guarantee the agility and efficiency on the shipments clearance.  For this reason, an specialized partnership with PHX,  It will be fundamental for your business success!

What We can offer

Courier B2B/B2C
Customs Clearance
Clearance and Shipment Delivery
Information management
Supply chain management
Customs consulting
Auxiliary services
• Courier C2C
Door to Door
Customs consulting
Information Management
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