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International Express Shipment

If your business needs agility and simplified solutions, this service is the perfect for you . We undertake since the shipment pickup moment until the delivery to the consignee

Our company offers a total support to all the logistic process steps for express shipments (Courier), and importation and exportation. The previous process knowledge, the expertise in the preparation of the delivery shipping that follows the Brazilians Customs rules, constant updates regarding the local legislation, guarantees much more agility on deadlines and shipments clearance.


  • Duties Advance
  • DDU collection and address correction and/or TAX ID number
  • Support for shippers, senders, consignees regarding all the legal documentation necessary documentation for the customs clearance on the exportation and importation process, documents checking and until the goods be delivered to the consignees.


Most of the exporters that  try to get in  the brazilian market  stop their operations because they do not understand the legislation and the  Brazilians Customs rules Police clearance process,  and these understanding are fundamental to guarantee the agility and efficiency on the shipments clearance.  For this reason, an specialized partnership with PHX,  It will be fundamental for your business success!

What We can offer

Courier B2B/B2C
Customs Clearance
Clearance and Shipment Delivery
Information management
Supply chain management
Customs consulting
Auxiliary services
• Courier C2C
Door to Door
Customs consulting
Information Management
Auxiliary Services


What We can offer

B2B / B2C
Logistic Management to  redirectors
Logistic Management and interface to retail chains
Logistic Management and interface to Market Places plataform
Customs Consultancy and support to entrepreneur
Auxiliary services

Business may change, and be reinvented and transformed, so PHX is always updated with the new market demands. The vertiginous rhythm of the virtual transactions growth, is continuously demanding more from the logistic transportation system, and with more than 13 years of experience in the road and air logistic, We decided to present our services to the E-commerce segment.

As We have an integrated and modern sytem , We can assist small, medium-sized and large companies. And to guarantee a fast movement and gain of time between the clients and suppliers, all the materials are accurately prepared to be shipped to the destination.

As We obey all the local legislation rules, We offer a fast clearance process, with quality guarantee, competitive prices on the domestic shipments as well as on the international deliveries.

Freight forwarding

Transport something to someone or to a business , is no doubt,  a service that requires a full confidence relationship. It is trust that your product will arrive preserved in the final destination,  within the correct time frame and without any trouble. 

During the years, always keeping a very transparent dialogue and working in humanized way with our employees and customers, we enable and take a stand  as a company ready to meet expected demands in the international process. As our slogan describes “Wherever you are”,  we are always prepared to help wherever you are.

What We can offer

Customs Clearance
Documentation issuance
Documental Check List
Customs process monitoring
Pick Ups
Customs Consultancy
Interface with agents and shippers
Information Management
Auxiliary Service

Customized projects

What We can offer

Reverse logisitics
Solutions for Airlines
Freight forwarders
Solutions for Logistic Operators
Logistic Consultancy
Support Services

Do You have a cargo that needs a special attention? That can not be transported on the standard format? We also cover this demand.

Our team is ready to provide support to any chalenge and bring  a personalized solution that you want. PHX Team studies your need and offers the best service combination and activities,  developing  projects /exclusive and customized  that may bring gains to your business 

To be a part of the solution for your business, It is the greatest  PHX motivator!!


When the issue is logistic, the main concepts that involve transport are usually known, but in the health area some particularities make the process more complex. It is about a business with specific characteristic, between them, the items diversity, the necessity of a fast support, short delivery deadlines and security on the conservation of items. Considering that Brasil has more than 275 thousand of health services connected with the Health Ministry, being 70% private chain, PHX, with all experience, identified on this segment a great oportunity to offer logistic solutions.

Through our high standard in integrated logistic and specialized team, in the present we provide support to any kind of Healthcare demand, biological and hospital material, pharmaceutical supplies, non controlled medicines and related, biological samples, medical research materials, umbilical cord blood samples, and others, following all the rules and government departments conducts.

PHX has all the licenses and certifications to perform the activities

We have our own fleet equipped with thermal insulation and temperature monitoring equipment to monitore the products during the transport, according to the customers demand. Our partners all over Brasil, are qualified with equipments and certifications that are necessary to assist the health segment.

What We can offer

Express Shipment B2B/B2C
Customs Cleareance
Clearance and Delivery
Door to door
Supply Chain Management
Good Practices Transportation Management
Business Managment
Customs Consultancy
Techinical Support to specific solutions in the cold chain
Support Services

Domestic  Cargo

What We can offer

Pick up and Delivery
Express Cargo
Standard cargo
Dedicated projects

PHX also offers solutions for domestic transport,  through their partners,  covering all Brasil.  Cargos can be collected and delivered with the same dedication and efficiency devoted to  the international solutions.

Your cargo will be safe since the pick up until the deliver to the consignee. 

We are part of your business, and above all, we deliver commitment