About PHX 

Present in the international shipping market for 13 years, PHX (Phoenex Cargo) brings in its DNA the expertise of customized service that understands exactly the customer’s need and offers logistical solutions that boost your business. During our journey, we consolidated a partnership with leading entities in the sector, enabling us to become a reference in the segment. This strategic relationship provides models of effective management and execution, enabling the delivery of a more integrated, intelligent, and agile service. In addition to all the experience with international express shipments, today we work strongly in the HEALTHCARE division, characterized by urgency and specialization in its transportation, such as biological samples, medicines, health products, supplies and equipment used in the pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratory areas As a segment of very sensitive products, it is noteworthy that the entire dynamics of a HEALTHCARE process involves highly trained technical professionals who develop specific solutions for each need, generating cost savings,  but guaranteeing the excellence in the level of service and satisfaction of our customers. With constant investment in technology and innovation, PHX values transparency, assuming with its customers the commitment to offer the best solution for their business, considering the fundamental principles of governance and commitment to current standards, and, consequently, bringing efficiency and safety in a transport sector that is increasingly specialized and demanding in terms of deadlines and quality.

Value offer

Provide logistics solutions focused on the segment of international express shipments, as well as, intelligent development of the customer’s business, through specialized consulting dedicated to each project, aiming to meet the customer’s wishes and desires.

Ricardo Barbosa (CEO – PHX)


Connect people and business through intelligent and accessible logistics solutions, transforming ideas into successful businesses. 



Be recognized as a reference in intelligent and innovative logistics solutions


Practice transparency, ethics, and equality in social and environmental policies, preserving the sustainability of the business and promoting diversity and encouraging freedom of expression to people.

Our history

PHX stablishes its firt headquarter in Guarulhos City (Rua Santo Antonio 43 sala 5 - Centro -Guarulhos)


Reframing of the company, from ME to a small-sized company


PHX joins the ABRAEC - Associação Brasileira das Empresas Courier, which represents and develops solutions for the segment


PHX creates the first global alliances, setting up Europe and USA partners


PHX moves to its new headquarter, in Guarulhos City, with 568 m2, only 15 minutes distant from Guarulhos International Airport


PHX inaugurates the first operational room at Guarulhos Airport with an exclusive and dedicated team


PHX joins the IATA/CASS and joins the freight forwarding seguiment


PHX starts the scope expansion for "Healthcare" with the transportation license for health products and biological materials, ANTT registration as a cargo carrier and operations with biological products transport, and controlled medication (canadibiol)


PHX joins the WCA-E Commerce companies global chain that is geared towards the segment development


Adjust the licenses: Civil Police License / Federal Police License/IBAMA License/CETESB License /Fire Department License


PHX obtain the permission from IRF / REC to initiate the express shipment operation in this state


Begins to represent major operations of logistic courier global companies


Despites of the pandemic, PHX, invests on its internal team, reinforcing the employees team, trainings and equipment renewal. Starts a wide international reverse logiistic operation (Shipment re-exportation from its origin)

Obtains the general warehousing license and for third parties health products


Own system improvement - TMS